5 best iPhone apps to make your life easier in 2016

Below is given the list of five extremely useful apps that if you download them in your iPhone, your life will be much easier than before

1 – Google Photos

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People love to capture every moment of their life in their awesome iPhone, and in the result camera roll library goes on increasing every day. One day it gets hard to manage all those marvelous memories of your and here comes Google Photos app for iPhone. Just have this app in your iPhone and it will take care of all the management of your photos.

It offers unlimited storage for the backup, but if you want to store ultra high resolution images, there are paid plans also available. It automatically organizes photos in different categories like People, Places, etc. Most cool feature of this app is the image recognition, which lets you search the images by the words you remember about them like dogs, food or any special place. It can automatically scan and delete images from your camera roll album, that you have already backed up in the cloud. Sharing options are also available.

Get the app.


2 – VSCO

VSCO iPhone app

Yes you got an awesome app to manage and store your picture memories, but what if you are not satisfied with the look and feel of you images. Don’t worry we have got a solution for that too. VSCO offers a dozens of retro filters and one of them will must suit you taste. It also offers free cloud uploads with different plans available, and sharing feature is also there. You can say its another Instagram but it is something different, if not better than it. It focuses more on quality of images than sharing on social networks.

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3 – Dark Sky 

Dark Sky iPhone app

There are hundreds of apps out there to provide you weather forecast and yes! some of them are accurate too. But Dark Sky doesn’t leave you there and it not only provide the weather forecasting but also warns you when its about to rain or snow or storm in your exact location. So it is not only a forecasting app but it is your weather assistant, which lets you escape from the location where you possibly can get caught in the rain. Dark Sky costs $3.99.

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4 – Spark

Spark iPhone app - Love your emails


If you are one of those persons who have to crawl through dozens of important emails daily, which you cant afford to miss and you are looking for an app that can manage you emails for you then Spark is the answer. It is a free but rich in features and highly customizable app. It can present you emails in the way you like it. It has the feature of email snoozing to remind you later about specific emails.

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5 – CityMapper


Traveling in public transport in any city of world is not easy, but to do it in large cities like, New York, Chicago, London, etc. is terrifying. Citymapper solves this problem efficiently and with ease. Just tell it that you want to go from point A to point B and it will guide you for every means of traveling.

It is a rich in features app, and every detail is considered in it, like the “get off” alarm, which alerts you when your stop is approaching. It tells you the optimal place to stand in the subway for you next travel. There is also an option to schedule your travel before time.

It is a must have app if you consistently move around in big cities.

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We have just told you about the 5 apps, but thats not all. Please let us know if you consider any other app that should be included in this list.

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